Omaha Famous #10

Local music, food, and people, you should know


Kitchen Table – Scratch-made local love 


The first thing I will say about Kitchen Table is, just look at these pictures above. I mean, come on! Are you drooling yet? Are you not entertained? This is one of my absolute favorites in Downtown Omaha, and one that you need to see if you haven’t already. Jessica and Colin, who own, run, and create Kitchen Table, do everything the hard way. Which means to say they do it all with love and patience – scratch making just about everything, updating and trying new things every week, locally sourcing from friends and farmers, and being all around great people and ambassadors for the local scene. Having met them they are truly genuine people, and honestly, I think Chef Colin lives in the kitchen. But you can know that just by trying their food. It’s fresh, delicious, and served to order. Come here for lunch, breakfast, brunch, or dinner! You can’t go wrong. 

Favorites to order – Fried egg sandwich (ok so it’s with marinara and mozzarella, kinda weird but, INCREDIBLE. mind blown, please try) & The Whole Bird sandwich