Omaha Famous #11

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Homer’s Music – Vinyl is best


I remember the first time I really actively listened to vinyl, I was in college, and taking a course called, “The History of Rock N Roll”. It was a humanities requirement, it was our first class. The teacher was a middle-aged man with long hair and the type of guy you would expect to be teaching a “History of Rock N Roll” class. In our first 20 minutes of class, Hippie teacher had a short survey he needed from the class. One song played through vinyl, and that same song played through a digital recording. We wouldn’t know which was which. In a class of 200 people, I’d say 80% of the class preferred the sweet, tender sounds of the vinyl record. It’s undeniable, folks. The pops, the crackles, the skips, and just the organic feel of vinyl is something to experience. It’s listening to music as its meant to be listened to.

And Homer’s is right there to deliver it to you. My brother got me a vinyl record player a couple years back, and Homer’s has been providing me with my collection ever since. They have an incredible collection of new and old vinyl records, and are constantly getting new stuff coming in. Personally, I like the oldies, and I like to only buy the best albums possible for my small vinyl collection. Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys, is my #1. It’s like having Brian Wilson hold you in his arms like a baby and sing to you very gently. And not feeling weird about that at all.

So this weekend is the perfect weekend to post up on the couch with some good friends, put on a vinyl record, perhaps light some exotic incense, and just get lost in the magic of… Easter. And vinyl. Go on down to Homer’s in the Old Market and get this incredible experience for yourself!