Omaha Famous #12

Local music, food, and people, you should know


Kathmandu Momo Station – Because Momos

Remember my original Omafamous post? Well my guy Sagr is at it again and looking to capitalize on the Momo frenzy with the Kathmandu Momo Station. So these delicious little Nepalese dumplings started right in the Himalayan Java Cafe, then expanded into a pop-up shop, and now have their very own location in the Blackstone district. That is the power of the momo and honestly we should all embrace it. I remember when Momos first started to appear at Himalayan Java, I would usually be there on Saturdays, working on my things. Saturdays at a Coffee shop, usually pretty quiet, but then the Momos came. Suddenly the lines are extending out the door, the momo-word had gotten out, Sagr is running around trying to get everyone their momos – the momo frenzy had begun. And it’s only fitting that they now have their own location. Check them out!

Favorites to order – Usually with dumplings I am a pork dumpling guy, and they have good ones here, but I actually prefer the chicken dumplings! They are smaller, cuter, and very yummy. Order them with the spicy sauce!