Omaha Famous #13

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Taqueria Tijuana – The Best Taco in South O

You ever just take a bite of something at a restaurant and immediately KNOW that everything was scratch made? The hard work, love, care, and craft that goes into that glorious first bite that just takes you to another level…It’s why I’m 15lbs heavier than I want to be and that’s okay right now. Because these tacos are legit. And if you have been scanning Omaha for the perfect, authentic taco experience then you need to check out Taqueria Tijuana. The tortillas are fresh, the meats slowly marinated, the salsas – don’t get me started on the salsas. This is the perfect weekend to try the best tacos in Omaha, and this is probably where you want to start. Disfruta amigo.

Favoritos – Al Pastor tacos, Carne Asada