Omaha Famous #16

Local music, food, and people, you should know


FullHouse Bar – The Diviest of Dives

Like I said, literally no good pictures can be found of this place. This showcase is a bit off the beaten path of past features, but I really see it as a staple of Omaha and particularly the Benson area. I love that Benson has become this delightful, punk-hippie paradise of delicious food, art, culture, Lime scooters, and everything trendy. But then Fullhouse Bar remains this old-school hill-billy Oasis of great karaoke, cheap drinks, and good vibes. It is a beautiful combination and I always enjoy going here when I’m in Benson.

Last weekend I went here in fact right after the Food Truck Rodeo (which was fun, despite the crowds) with my buddy Reid. We sat at a table, got a cold stein of Coors lite for 4 bucks, and started watching . The karaoke is truly the star of the show here, with its prominent stage, massive song collection, and the colorful cast of characters that get up on stage. Truly colorful. You will see everyone on stage from a 20 something bridesmaid dressed in pink ribbons singing Kelly Clarkson, to an 80 year old guy on his 9th Jack n Coke doing his best to stay lucid as he mumbles out a Deep Purple track. We even saw a married couple go on stage and do a duet. Then it was my turn.

I don’t particularly like public speaking, but I have gotten better at it over the years. But I do love music, and love singing, so karaoke is always a psychological dilemma for me. But something always inspires me to get up there, usually alcohol. This time around I did “All By Myself” by Eric Carmen, which is a classic 80s ballad. I couldn’t hear the music start, so I came in the middle of the first verse, and stumbled through, but I did a decent job on the chorus. Reid recorded it, and I pray that recording never sees the light of day.

That all being said, always do karaoke if given the chance. If you’re bad, its funny, if you’re good, it’s great. And if you are somewhere in the middle, no one remembers. No better place to do it than at the Fullhouse Bar!