Omaha Famous #3

Local music, food, and people, you should know


Punch Clock Martyrs – Clock out, and rock out

The cool thing about local music specifically, is that one has the opportunity, just maybe, of seeing the beginning of something really special. The beginning of a band or individual reaching that rarified air of true musical accomplishment , and at the very least, a heartfelt attempt at it. The courage of the artist on full display, planting the seeds of some new thing they cooked up in their garage. I dig that.

And so this Friday, we have one of those opportunities. I first met Patrick at the Havana Garage downtown, his band at the time, Sweet Nothing, was playing some incredible classic rock covers. The Doors, Steve Miller, Stones, all the good stuff. I had to chime in and be that annoying guy that tries to talk to the band in between songs, and offer my praise, and my recognition that Pat nails Jim Morrison’s signature howl.

So when Pat told me that his new band was releasing their first album? Well I just have to be there. And in Pat’s words – “Progressive Gypsy Rock group with theme-based material. Our first album is a self-titled concept album about working-class life, with shades of dark humor and madness.” That description is nothing if not ambitious.

And so you can catch Punch Clock Martyrs this Friday at O’Leavers, where they will play along side Gongfermour, and  The New Rosenbergs, in what is certain to be an entertaining display of something entirely new, and right in your backyard.