Omaha Famous #20

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Oasis Falafel – Falafel and Don’t Feel Awful

If you have been downtown for a while you know that this little location, right next to The Backline comedy venue, used to offer very little. Then the Oasis team along and basically made it a mediterranean paradise. Founded in 2004 in Iowa City by friends Naftaly Stramer and Ofer Sivan, delicious falafel balls quickly caught on, and in 2018 they teamed up with Mike and Kellie Osler to open the second location, Oasis Falafel Omaha.

Oasis offers a cuisine that is a unique treat compared to the rest of the downtown scene. Downtown has some great options, but something fresh, authentic, mostly-vegan, and Mediterranean was sorely needed. And also, I like when businesses move their way up to the 16th street and higher ends of downtown, everything always feels so concentrated in Old Market and it’s nice to have options throughout the area.

Try the freshly made hummus, (which you can also take home), the falafel pitas, and just about anything else Oasis’s offers. You won’t be disappointed!