Omaha Famous #21

Local music, food, and people, you should know


The Tavern – Everyone welcome. Everyone equal.


The Tavern has always been one of my favorite spots to grab a drink or five. First thing you notice when you walk in is how impeccably designed the interior is – they feature a 105 year old Brunswick Bar, which was apparently imported from an old hotel in Kansas City where many famous people sat, such as The Beatles, Presidents, Elvis, and the like. So you can sit where they sit, and get a little drunk where they got a little drunk. Its 25 feet of beautiful, historic, mahogany and it’s all just very warm and homey.

Add to that the awesome service you get from the bartenders here, and the excellent UK-inspired drinks (The Pimm’s Cup is amazing) and you come here and you literally can’t have a bad time. Check this place if you haven’t already.

Favorites to Order – Pimm’s Cup