Omaha Famous #22

Local music, food, and people, you should know


Krug Park – Beers & Bloody Marys


What makes a good beer pub? It is both an art and a science, and I am pretty sure Krug Park has it figured out. One of my favorite bars to go to in Omaha, and definitely my favorite in Benson, the whole vibe is laid back and the beer selection is phenomenal. I have not tried their bloody marys yet, but looking at the picture here I feel like I should. Some of the bars in Benson can get pretty wild at night with the college crowd (which is fine), but Krug Park is sort of deliberately reserved and is better for the classy happy hour crowd, which to me is the perfect time for a cold one. Because I’m 30. Anyways, go to Krug Park if you want a great place for good beer.

I am trying to get the Roses guy for the next installment of this segment, and I’d like to interview him in my own little way, so stay tuned for that. Happy 4th! 🙂