Omaha Famous #25

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Ted & Wally’s – Ultra Premium Ice Cream

You know an Ice cream place is good when it stays open during the winter time, in Omaha. That’s Ted & Wallys! Serving it up since 1986 and providing ULTRA-PREMIUM ice cream, which means its super fatty, creamy, and delicious. The menu is updated daily, and typically you can find some wacky flavors, along with some classics, and then some classic flavors/combinations you wouldn’t expect to be “ice-creamed”. It’s the perfect variety in my opinion. Example in the photo above, yesterday they had avocado and sangria (wacky) vanilla bean and dutch chocolate (classic) and Red Velvet cookies and Snickerdoodle cookies ice creams (classic flavor ice-creamed) it’s just brilliant! Most of you have probably gone to Ted & Wallys, but if you haven’t, check out their Downtown spot and their Benson location. It’s some of the best ice cream I have ever had. I still need to try Coneflower Creamery! Is Coneflower better than Ted & Wally’s? Is Michael Jordan better than Kobe? Can we enjoy them both equally? Anyways, point is, Omaha has some awesome ice cream and you need to check it out if you haven’t already!