Omaha Famous #27

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Coneflower CreameryBrave the line, the Ice Cream Gods demand it

Many times I have driven past Coneflower and seen that line that stretches down the street, it’s impressive in it’s consistency, you may wonder what kind of time people have these days, but yesterday was the day I was one of those crazy people.

Let me just say if the line stretched for hours, and you had to bring chairs and a 6-pack just to get through it – I’d say get a case of Bud Lite Limes and let’s make a day out of it. Because it’s that good.

I hesitate to say that Coneflower might be better than Ted & Wally’s but, Coneflower might be better than Ted & Wally’s. The flavors I got were Blackstone Butter Brickle (brittle?) which is like crack cocaine version of Butter Pecan, Ooey Gooey St. Louis Blues, which had blueberry’s with pie chunks in it, were incredible.

I sat there on a bench, eating my ice cream, as this glorious sunset came about. I dare say it was the Ice Cream God’s themselves shining down upon the Coneflower saying, “Yes, my child. You make the Ice Cream Gods happy on this day.” Probably saying that to the manager or supervisor there at Coneflower or something. That’s how I saw it going down, and it was glorious.

Check this place out as soon as you can because the Ice Cream Gods demand it of you.