Omaha Famous #4

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California Tacos & More – Out of bounds

If you haven’t already guessed, I am a big fan of Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives. While Guy Fieri looks laughably ridiculous, like some terrible combination of the Smash Mouth lead singer and a bag of cheetos, he has one of the most timeless documentary programs on television with triple D. Seriously, true documentary, (as a film major this gets me) he walks into a restaurant, he talks to the owner, he watches them make their food, he talks about the food. Done – on to the next one. No contrived plots, conflicts, or BS. A rare treat in today’s TV (rant over)…

On top of that, despite the hate, he’s an incredibly charming TV host with an eye for delicious gluttony, and great local spots across the country. So when he recommends a spot in my new hometown of Omaha, I got to check it out. California Tacos did not disappoint. Is it authentic Mexican? No. But it is the best of what I call Midwest Mexican, and the signature puffy taco is something you have to try. Everything they make is from scratch, and basically when you take fresh made tortillas and fry them, whether with tacos, chips and guac, or whatever, you cannot go wrong. Shut the front door and let Guy take you to Flavortown below –

out of bounds.