Omaha Famous #33

Local music, food, and people, you should know


Mister Toad – Old Market’s Tavern

Mister Toad’s is an absolutely iconic spot down in the Old Market. Been around since 1970, and they really serve as an anchor for the Old Market. With easily the best patio in town, they keep it simple with great drinks and great service. The interior has this classic library feel to it, and it’s not junked up with TVs. I am not even sure they have any TVs (I think they do up front) but regardless, this is the kind of bar you go to to catch up with old friends and chat the night away.

It’s a simple little spot and honestly I don’t know what much else to say. Sometimes these Omaha Famous segments are a struggle because I not only want to highlight the great things about Omaha, but I also want to keep it fun. I rather just keep it fun, but sometimes there is not much fun to go around. Like, if you haven’t gone to Mister Toads, just go there. It’s been around since 1970 so obviously they are doing something right.

I am eating Cheez-Its and early Halloween candy for breakfast right now and its noon. Don’t judge me. Go to Mister Toads and also tip your bartender. Rule is 20% if the service is adequate. Doesn’t have to be special, just, you got what you were asking for and the service was never in question. If the service was lagging a bit, and you felt neglected, I’d say it’s fair to go down to 15%. I am not one of these people that say, “20% no matter what” because I don’t think that’s fair, sometimes service sucks, but it should be the basic rule. Anything less than 15% and the server must have slapped your grandma. As a server or bartender, you make your money from tips. Period. Hourly you might make 2 or 3$ per hour here in NE as a server. And before you say, “well then get a better job loser” remember that 1/3 of Americans have worked or currently work in the service industry. It is the backbone of society in ways big and small. If the service was great, or if you as a patron were particularly difficult (allergies, kids, kids w/ allergies, etc) then you should consider tipping 25-30%. MOST people understand this stuff, but gosh darn it, some of yall are broke as hell. If you can’t afford the tip, you can’t afford the service, and you should head on over to Runza and get some frings. End of rant.