Omaha Famous #34

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Central High SchoolHAUNTED you say?

“Omaha’s Central High School is housed in a grand imposing building that dates back to the early 1900s. However, the land on which it sits has a history that can be traced even further back.

In fact, from 1857 to 1869, this was the site of the Territorial Capitol building. When Nebraska became a state this was moved to Lincoln and the building was torn down to make way for a small red brick high school which was later replaced with the building that stands today as Central High School.

The school is now said to be haunted by a former Dean of Students and a school custodian who apparently loved their jobs so much that they were not able to bring themselves to leave – even in death!

There have been several reports of unexplained cold spots in the main hall and original parts of the building and a number of witnesses have reported hearing a disembodied voice that speaks directly to them saying ‘I know you’re all here’ or some variation of the phrase.

The Dean of Students is said to appear in the form of a white, blurry mass which travels along the main hall before disappearing into his former office.

He has also been seen in the form of a shadow figure waving through the office window.

Meanwhile, there have been reports from witnesses who have heard the sound of a custodian cart creaking and rumbling across the wooden floor and also the sounds of someone sweeping up.”

Coming to you from Do you believe in the supernatural? Personally, I don’t! I think the human mind and perception has an incredible ability to bullshit itself into believing and thinking what it wants to think. I would LOVE to meet a ghost, I think it would be so cool. Like, what do they do all day? Do they only ghost for a couple hours a day? Do they eat anything? Do they talk to other ghosts about ghost stuff? These are all questions I have. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!