Omaha Famous #37

Local music, food, and people, you should know

Nite OwlAnd The Hashbrowns of Redemption

There I was, in my usual element, which is pissed drunk, alone, and wondering the streets of Omaha passed midnight. I want to say it was a Friday or Saturday but if I’m being honest it was probably a Wednesday. I had just finished performing, “Can’t take my eyes off you” by Franki Valli at Sullivan’s Bar’s karaoke night to a resounding applause. At least that’s how I remembered it.

For those that know Omaha you know that when it comes to late night eats, it’s pretty slim-pickings. You are either downtown getting a very average gyro at a food truck, (KGB is good tho), ordering a $30 McDouble from Ubereats, or stuck at home making peanut-butter and pickle sandwiches. Not great options.

Which makes Nite Owl such a legend, and a restaurant that probably saved my life that night. I stumbled into Nite Owl at around 1:45AM. I had enjoyed their thai wings before and so I asked for those. The nice bartender lady told me the kitchen had shut down, and that they were no longer serving food. I sunk down into my already sunken down bar seat, this was my lowest moment.

I have to imagine that at that moment, the bartender looked at this pathetic lot of a man. This man who was drunk, alone, desperately hungry, having just poorly sung at karaoke, having a niche, local events blog that isn’t growing, and having just been denied an order of Thai wings. She looked at this man and felt compassion. And so she said that she would ask the kitchen and see what they can do for me, maybe they can order me some hashbrowns she said. I perked up a little bit in my sunken bar stool.

Not 5 minutes later, I was provided with a free order of hashbrowns to-go. I had never seen hashbrowns so golden, so crisp, so yummy. It’s like they just fired up the fryer, put some new oil in there, and made the best hashbrowns they could for this poor drunken fool. As I stumbled out the location, just before close, I took a few nibbles of the hashbrowns. They were divine. I don’t believe much in God, but in that moment, each one of those hashbrowns was like a little potato Jesus Christ. Entering my soul, and giving me salvation. I walked 2 miles back home, with these little potato saviors in my belly being the only thing keeping me upright. Those potatoes saved me.

And so I’m a believer in Nite Owl. They rock. Their food is good, they play wacky B-movies on their big screen, and they got a groovy vibe all around. Go here and check them out before their kitchen closes and get those hashbrowns and find Jesus.