Omaha Famous #38

Local music, food, and people, you should know

The Old Market – The Old Omaha

The Old Market, take a glimpse into the Old history of Old Omaha with the Old Market. You see, back in the days, these parts were just warehouses and a center for railroad commerce. Selling raw materials and wood and buffalo hides and stuff like that probably. The big shots of the day, realized that the tradesmen and producers and buyers of things in greater Omaha didn’t have a central place for them to exchange their things. The vision of the Old Market came to life.

Now, a grocery store would have been a nice idea at the time, but they thought Pepperjack’s would be a better idea. Whatever.

The Mercer family basically owns every building with an awning in the Old Market area, and I am not going to say anything negative about this lovely, rich family for the fear of legal retaliation. They have brought culture, class, and French cuisine to the Old Market and I am cool with all of that so god bless them forever.

The Mercer’s looked at all these old warehouses, such icons of the history of Omaha, and saw great potential. Whereas others wanted to tear them down and start new, the Mercer’s stayed true to their vision and delivered classic locations like Le Boullion, M’s Pub, Homer’s, Spaghetti Works, La Buvette, and more.

Who knows how they feel about police closing off the streets on Saturday night to protect drunk idiots from killing themselves after stumbling out of the Hive, or the homeless issue downtown, but for the most part they delivered on their vision.

And you know what, to help the Old Market along this year for the holidays, you can donate to the Salvation Army Omaha which aims to provide housing solutions and social services to homeless persons, and vets and more. You can volunteer or donate here.