Omaha Famous #39

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Craft Sliders + Beer – Yummy Little Burg’s

Little foods. I just got this great idea for a business and I might just try loop Craft in on this. High level concept: A restaurant that only makes LITTLE FOODS. Like sliders, those little one-bite pastries you only get at weddings, swedish meatballs, cocktail weiners, little cheese cubes, personal pan pizzas, English tea sandwiches – basically all the best little foods in the world all combined into one epic little restaurant. Plates could be served like tapas, small plates (we would call them “little plates”). The chairs and tables could even be little, and the restaurant could exclusively hire little people. Wow, this is a great idea.

As the owner/manager of the restaurant, I would naturally be the only normal sized person working at the restaurant, and I would welcome my fellow giants into my little kingdom. “Sit, eat, and live large” I would say, as customers ducked through the little door. Whose with me on this? DM me and let’s get on Shark Tank with this concept ASAP…

In the meantime, we can enjoy Craft Sliders + Beer. Usually you don’t think of sliders as being great “burgers” but Craft totally flips that around. The burgers are quality, actually as decent size and price, and just so delicious. My favorites are the blue burger, which has some sort of bacon jam in there, it’s a salty/sweet combo. The service is great, and the beer selection is also on point.

Whenever I am feeling down, and need some foods to pick me up, and maybe to make my hands look bigger, I pop into Craft Sliders and grab me some yummy little sandwiches. And I sit on my throne, enjoying my little burgs and my little beers (beers could be served in small rocks glasses! Charge like $2.50 for one) and have a big lunch. And I always tip the little servers. Check this place out!