Omaha Famous #5

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Shucks Fish House & Oyster Bar – Absolutely Fresh

Growing up in Massachusetts, you learn to love seafood pretty early on. My Mom and Dad would always bring my brother and I over to my Grandpa’s house in a small, sleepy, coastal town called New Bedford. Known for its history of Whaling (terrible, I know) but what was now known for fishing and its seafood production from the rich, Atlantic waters. I remember my Dad had this obsession with fried clams, and we would run down to the harbor and grab a takeout box of those delicious clams. Briney, fresh, you could breathe in the Atlantic ocean as you ate it. My love of seafood was born there. We would also feed geese off the pier with stale bread crumbs. My fear of geese was also born there.

But I thought those quality seafood days were well behind me when I moved out to the middle of the country 2+ years ago. Until I stumbled upon Shucks. Quality, fresh, and delicious seafood; I didn’t think it was possible in Nebraska. They don’t over-fry it, like some places may do, its just that perfectly flaky fry that you want with fresh fish. Shucks has its humble beginnings with founder Greg Lindberg driving a refrigerated truck from Omaha to New Orleans and back in 1976, selling it on the corner of 70th and Dodge. Crazy as it may sound, customers caught on, and Greg expanded to the Fish House & Oyster bar by 2006. Today with 5 restaurants, 1 fish market, catering services, and a thriving wholesale operation, Shucks is a fresh seafood powerhouse in Omaha and is all about supporting the local scene. Turns out that fresh seafood is possible anywhere if you are willing to drive a cold truck for a couple thousand miles.

Favorites to order: Fried Shrimp Po’Boy