Omaha Famous #40

Local music, food, and people, you should know

Eppley Airfield – It’s Omaha’s Airport!

Unless you come from a big city (or travel to one often), it is hard to appreciate just how glorious Eppley Airfield truly is. From the time you walk through the door, to the time you are sitting at your gate, it is always 5-10 minutes. Other airports will have you in security for 30 minutes, and have you walking for what feels like 30 miles. I just got to my gate and got a breakfast pizza from Godfather’s and it all took about 10 minutes time. What voodoo magic is this?

Traveling sucks, but what is not to enjoy about going to an airport the size of your high school cafeteria and getting breakfast pizza and enjoying a seamless travel experience? If every airport was like Eppley, I would have traveled halfway across the world by now. 

Eppley was named after a guy named Eppley who owned a chain of hotels in Omaha, and who was rich enough to throw his name on an airport. Personally I didn’t know the guy but I respect his namesake.

The next time you are at Eppley, grab yourself a breakfast pizza from Godfathers, some scooters coffee, say hi to that hot bartender, and just appreciate how good we sometimes have it living in this small, cold, boring city. God bless you Eppley.