Omaha Famous #41

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The Imaginarium – Miles of Junk, Hours of Fun

The Imaginarium is just one of those spots in the Old Market everyone has to check out. It is a mind blowing display of antiques, collectibles, toys, trinkets, and junk – that will if nothing else amuse the hell out of you for 30 minutes. Also, interestingly enough the place is about the size of the UP building, with numerous floors, rooms, and closets full of junk for you to look at and not buy. You go through this shop and you actually age 3 years with every pass through, but it’s worth the experience.

One of my favorite sections is the Star Wars section. They basically have an entire room dedicated to the Star Wars action figures and toys, you know, back when kids actually liked Star Wars and wanted the toys. It always brings me back to simpler times.

It’s a GREAT date spot, primarily because you both get to go through your childhood and uncover the various demons that you made you who you are today. Then, get ice cream at Ted N Wally’s, throw a homeless person a dollar, and call it a night. All in all you spend $12 and learn how serious those daddy issues really are. And with that information you can decide on that second date or not.

And come to think of it, this place is probably the perfect Xmas present location. I may just decide to get my brother a Boba Fett action figure, and even though he’s 33 years old, that brief moment of holding Boba Fett, flipping his little arms up and down, will bring him back to being 8 years old and sitting on his little brother’s head. Good times. And worth 5 bucks.

Because what you are buying is NOSTALGIA, and memories of a simpler time, when all you cared about was your next pack of Fruit Gushers, and your Nintendo 64. And those can be the best gifts of all. Especially this time of year. Fuck, I’m not going to tear up right now. Anyways…

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, and a jolly good time with friends and family.