Omaha Famous #42

Local music, food, and people, you should know

Wilson & Washburn – Home of the Beet Chips

I love to stop in at Wilson and Washburn. First thing you notice is this old wooden interior, with high ceilings, and a beautiful bar. Jay, the bartender, is one of the coolest dudes in the Old Market restaurant scene, and they are open till 2am EVERY NIGHT. It’s perfect for the night owls out there.

This place is also old as fuck, and the building itself is either named after or used to be an old brothel. Anna Wilson and Josie Washburn were successful business women and “madams” – who are basically female pimps that provide room and board. They made a heck of a business by the late 19th century in Omaha. Josie had worked in the brothel business for a long time, and Anna also had some significant real estate investments in Omaha and was known as “the Queen of the Underworld”. These successful ladies helped shape what is Omaha today and we should salute them. Or at least grab a beer and some beet chips at their namesake.