Omaha Famous #43

Local music, food, and people, you should know

Dubliner Pub -Irish in the Old Market

So I recently started going to the Dubliner more often since I started working in the service industry. Every Sunday night they have “industry” night for us service folks where we get half-price drinks, and it typically gets to be pretty fun. Zach, the bartender, is good at this job, and he really makes it a fun experience. This has endeared me to the Dubliner Pub and has probably also damaged my liver.

You also have consistent live music, with a pretty large space. And what’s nice is that they have a wall dividing up the place, where if you don’t want to be slammed with the music, you can sort of separate yourself from it all. But I didn’t do that this week. Being alone this New Years Eve I decided to get dolled up and head down to the Dubliner to see Andrew Bailey and Aly Peeler play a show while the ball drops. It was an absolute blast, and Andrew and Aly killed it. They gave out free champagne around midnight, and we put that to good use. It was just a great night, and I ended up bumping into some friends at the Dub, and it really made New Years Eve kinda special after-all.

Anyways, the Dubliner is great for what it is. A homey Irish pub in the Old Market, that’s consistent and fun if you are looking for it. Go here.