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Cunningham’s Pub & Grill – Your Super Spot for the Super Bowl

If you are looking for a spot for the Super Bowl this coming weekend, you really can not go wrong with the ol’ Cunningham’s Pub and Grill. You see they have this little shindig called the Super Bowl Super Buffett, and let me tell you, it’s a super good time. If you know me, then you know that I know my way around a buffet or two. And I know that you know that I know my way around a buffet or two. Let’s just say that I’m not afraid to do the old double plate trip and maybe throw an elbow or two on my way over to the mac and cheese platter. Cunningham’s does it right. And they put up with my shenanigans in the buffet line.

In fact the last time I was here for the Superbowl, it was a most glorious occasion. You see I am a Patriots fan to the highest degree, and no, I am not a bandwagoneer, I was born in the old land of Massachusetts, and Tom Brady won his first Superbowl when I was merely 12 years old. Since then I have fallen in love with his ability to sling the rock, and also with his beautifully chiseled jaw line, and perfect hair. He is a glorious man, and he is the greatest QB of all time, and he has perfect hair. I digress…

I recall, after my 2nd or 3rd visit to the buffet line, I suddenly realized that I was perhaps the only person in the entire Pub who was actually engaged in the sluggish, low-scoring punt-fest that was last year’s Super Bowl between the Rams and Patriots. While low scoring, the game itself could have swung at any moment, any one play would change the course of the game, and thus I was on the edge of my seat, and hollering at each 3rd down, 1st down, and even a few punts. Being the only Patriots fan in the bar is a familiar feeling for me, but being the only Patriots fan in the bar, during the Superbowl, that no one cares about, gave me a special kind of pride.

Anyway, we won the Superbowl as you know. I basked in the drunken glory of chicken wings and championships for the 6th time in my life. And Cunningham’s Pub then acquired a very special place in my heart, joining 5 other locations in my life that do the same.

Aside from my obvious bias, Cunningham’s is one of the best bars in Omaha. Food, beer, and service, and a great space to watch the game. You need to get on down here, grab a spot in the buffet line, prepare for war, and prepare to have a good time. Go Chiefs.