Omaha Famous #47

Local music, food, and people, you should know

Omaha Tap House – My Little Spot Downtown

The Omaha Taphouse Downtown is located downtown, and I live downtown, and it’s between my work and my apartment, so yea I go here a lot alright? I rationalize it by saying that it’s cold outside, and Tap House is nicely situated at the halfway point of my destination, so I see it as cold prevention, and the beer and cheese curds are my medicine. That’s the way I see it anyway.

I like to mozy on up to the bar and watch the big ass TV they have there. When they have big games on, they will put the volume on which is nice. And the food is pretty solid. I like to get the Mango Habanero boneless wings with some blue cheese. It’s delicious, albeit a little pricey (7$ for 6 smaller wings). That’s probably my only complaint here is that it’s hard to find a meal for under 10$, but they also fill the joint up every day, so more power to them. They do have 75 cent wings on Wednesday, which is noice.

The service here is on point. Everyone is nice and chill, and funny enough, every bartender here is named, “Johnny”. Not sure if that’s because they don’t change the name on the chalkboard on display, but I like to think that every bartender is named Johnny, guys and girls alike, and that fact makes me smile. It’s the Royal Johnny, and deep down inside we are all Johnny.

The burgers here are probably their most popular item, and I would agree with that. They are pretty juicy and diverse in their toppings, I like to get the Blue burger which has blue cheese and bacon. It’s very messy and I get it all over myself, but that’s okay, Johnny still accepts me. They also have 3 different kinds of cheese curds, which is odd, since they have like 7 total appetizers, and almost half of them are curds, I think it’s overkill, but they must be pretty good.

Welp, if you are ever stuck in the cold down town, I’d definitely recommend checking out the old Tap House. It’s a fine establishment and heck I’ll even save a seat at the bar for ya.