Omaha Famous #48

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Blue Sushi Sake Grill – For the love of crab mix

Why is Sushi so great? Why are there endless combinations? Why do I start so many pieces with these annoying rhetorical questions? These are all questions I don’t have an answer to, but what I do know is that Blue Sushi is flippin’ delicious. You may be asking yourself, “Sushi? In Omaha, Nebraska? What kind of high hell is this?” – to which I would say, get with the times cowboy! This shit is good! And like, food logistics and transportation/refrigeration tech is on point these days you don’t even know.

I don’t claim to be an expert on Sushi, other than I know it MUST be eaten with chopsticks. Forks and fingers are for dorks and swingers – you must use the sticks. That’s all I know. (Also you need to incorporate the ginger and the wasabi. I put my wasabi into the soy sauce and swirl it around, and then place the ginger on the roll, then dip it into the soy. It will blow your mind!) It’s just a delicious textural roller coaster of flavors.

One moment you are chewing on some sticky rice, the next its seaweed (nori), then some fish or crab or cucumber, lil bit of spicy mayo, it’s like your brain doesn’t even know how to compute these yummy flavors and textures. And your tongue is just like, “let’s do this bro”. I love sushi, and you probably love sushi too if you are reading this.

One thing I know in life is do not trust people who don’t love sushi and rock n roll, they are simply not to be trusted. Something in their soul has died a long time ago and there is no going back for them. Eject yourself from this particular relationship.

Anyways, Blue Sushi is a serviceable sushi option for Omaha, and I go here often. In fact, disclaimer, I just started working here like 2 weeks ago. And unfortunately I will be putting in my 2 weeks notice today cuz I got a new job, so oh well.

But, in that short time I have been working here, I have been eating sushi EVERY DAY, and I am waiting to tire from it. But alast, I have not. I still love sushi. Because sushi is sushi.

I actually worked for a movie producer in Burbank during my college years, and this guy was big time. Get this, I would do his expense reports each week, and this guy would spend 200-300$ on sushi EVERY SINGLE DAY. Wow. What a fuckin American hero. And Mickey Mouse (Disney) would pay for all of it. If that’s not living the dream, I don’t know what is.

So anyway, if you haven’t gone to Blue you really need to. My favorite rolls are the Hot Popper, the Beach roll, and the Amazon. They are yummy. But you literally can’t go wrong with anything here. Get out there and eat some sushi.