Omaha Famous #50

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Block 16Street food, imagination, and mayo

Is there as more impressive joint in Omaha? I really don’t think so. I mean just look at these pictures…They take GREAT pictures of their delicious, mouth-watering food, and that already puts them in the top tier of Omahan restaurants. Step up your game, Omaha, and try to sniff at the level that Block 16 is at (you can’t) …

I live just a few blocks from 16th street and yet have only been to Block 16 maybe 2 or 3 times, and for no reason really I guess other than the long line and my generally inconsistent life decisions. This needs to be fixed (along with like a dozen other things) because I am missing out on an Omaha treasure.

If you follow them on Facebook, you will quickly learn that they post lunch specials like the ones you see above just about EVERY DAY, something different every single day. It’s incredible and a testament to their dedication and imagination for cranking out dank-ass food. It’s damn near overwhelming but somebody has to eat this stuff.

What’s also impressive to me is that I do believe that Block 16 is a single joint. No other locations to speak of, and perhaps that is for the best. The level of quality is HIGH, and they cover a wide-variety of cuisines, all with their own street-food twist. I commend their humility at even trying to replicate it.

A place like Block 16, honestly, feels out of place for such a generally dull food-city like Omaha. In cities like Portland, Chicago, LA, New York, DC, even KC, etc, there would be a dozen Block 16’s of different kinds, all kicking culinary-ass in their own way. Their social game would be on point, their menu items would be funky and fresh, their chefs would be badass, tatted up, and take great pride in their work. But in Omaha, we just have Block 16, and also Kitchen Table, just down the street (and Kathmandu Momo). These locations are holding it down, and bringing Omaha cuisine to the 21st century, hitting on all the hot trends, giving a damn about social media, and testing the flavor-town boundaries of what is possible with food.

I say, we need more of this boldness in the food scene here, and we need more people willing to give them a shot. Bring me your spicy aioli’s, your funky fusions, your authentic Asian fare (dare I say), your crispy chickens, and your juicy burgs – no longer should Omaha dwell in the dregs of culinary mediocrity.

Join me, Omaha! And let’s pledge to eat anything that the bold, courageous, and highly stoned minds of our Chefs can deliver us. The revolution begins with the choice for more kick ass food, and it ends with a couple of TUMS and a nap. I SAY IT BEGINS NOW.