Omaha Famous #2

Local music, food, and people, you should know


The Down Under Lounge – 3530 Leavenworth St. Omaha, NE 68105

For my first experience at Down Under Lounge, well, I probably had a little too much fun. All I remember is that I had 5-6 pints of some fantastic beer and was playing bongos off stage by the end of the night and left my debit card there. But I recall, I was allowed to play bongos off stage, at least for that night.

When I came back to get my debit card (they very graciously kept it secure for 3 weeks), I decided to have a beer as well, and started to learn a bit more about this place. This is a true, local, musicians bar. Not only will the Down Under have music playing on stage most nights, but in the crowd will be musicians themselves, and you will probably see them take turns with whoever is on stage. Then you can chat up the person who was just playing and tell them how you also play guitar but aren’t very good. Everyone here seems to know each other in the best way. It’s like that show Cheers! on acid, and with really good music and beer. And I mean, really good music.

The locals here can really play, and you should go and support them and enjoy the whole atmosphere. Leave the bongos to the professionals…

Best Nights To Go – Every Wednesday Open Mic Night