get it mobile

You look at the current ways for getting local info and technology-wise, its very fragmented. Your favorite restaurant shares their happy hour specials on their site, their events on Facebook, and their hours on Yelp. And your friends and neighbors, with good old-fashioned word-of-mouth, are still the best way to find out what’s going on.

What if word of mouth, could go digital? What if you had your friends and neighbors all in a big chat room together? Where together you could collectively source recommendations, events, food and drink spots, promotions, and local “in-the-know” information all in a streamlined, fun, and social, way. What if this local-network adapted to where you happen to be located? Sound cool?

Well hey that’s what I am building! It’s going to be called Sembly. Because it’s going to bring your city together in a brand new way. Discover and share what your city is all about! And always be in-the-know.

You can check out the site for a sneak peak of the look and sign up for the release too! – – Coming late Summer 2019!