“And if you’ve come this far, maybe you’re willing to come a little further. You remember the name of the town, don’t you? … Oh shit, did you forget? “


Part of the reason for this site is to test the waters on something bigger.

Recently I have been really obsessed with the idea of using technology, or a social platform, to unlock your city in the best way possible. I’ll admit I can be a loner sometimes like anyone else, and elect to stay in and Netflix, but when I want to go out and explore the town, what is the best avenue for that?

Is it Yelp? Maybe for eating somewhere.

Is it Facebook events? Too much information, and most of the events aren’t relevant to me.

IG? Maybe for food porn and basketball highlights.

I can have great experiences when I go out with friends, but I often don’t know where to start when it comes to getting the best out of that particular night. And when I first came to the city, I was really lost. Finding places to go to, events to attend, where to meet people, where to go, what are people really excited about, etc. Then some days I will stumble into some hidden gem that I never knew existed (Down Under Lounge recently) and I ask myself, “How am I just now discovering this?” – I found that many people seemed to have this same problem.

Which gave me this idea. The best spots, and the best events, I tend to find through simple word of mouth, through a trusted source, or just hear-say. What if we could facilitate that across your whole city?

A social platform that could get you talking with your city in real time. Where you can have real conversations, find relevant events, restaurants, happy hour specials, karaoke, the most happening spots, the “buzz” around your town, that night, right now.

That’s what I want. And so that is what I set out to create about a year ago. We are currently in development, and aiming to have a working prototype live by the end of March. And fully launch by mid- April. We will do it right here in Omaha. One platform for local conversations, events, food, drink, fun, and more, and all sourced by the community.

If this sounds pretty groovy to you, you can sign up here at