Omaha Famous #52

Local music, food, and people, you should know

Andrew Bailie – Omaha Soul

When you like rock n roll and soul music as much as I do, you go out to see a lot of live music in the city you are in. You also drink a lot of Jack n Coke’s and partake in a few parking lot vape-sessions, but you definitely go back inside the venue to hear some more beautiful tunes – and really listen, not like those normies who are there to dick-around. And having heard a lot of the various local acts in Omaha, for me, you just don’t get better than Andrew Bailie.

Now from my understanding Andrew has played venues big and small all throughout Omaha for a number of years, which made it all the more special to stumble into one of his more intimate performances at the Rose n Crown. If there is a smaller, more coked-out venue in Omaha, than you would be hard pressed to find it, but it was the perfect place to witness the soul-pressed riffs of Andrew’s playing.

Take a gander here –

Sick right? It’s the kind of jams that can lift you up when you’re feeling down, the kind of tunes that give you the courage to dance like a fool, the kind of tunes that hit you right in the loins, and makes you feel damn good. 

There I was, in the Rose N Crown, about 3-4 feet from Andrew as he’s rocking out to everything from Marvin Gaye, to Hip Hop tunes, to Rock N Roll classics, and his own original stuff too. The guitar playing, the soulful crooning, coupled with the copious amounts of rum and THC coursing through my system, all made me feel like some sort of degenerate God-king – drunk on the blues, and ready to dance badly. You know the feeling.

So if you like blues, soul, and R&B, you need to go and find your next Andrew Bailie show. First round of Jack N Coke’s are on me, (as long as you bring your pen), and take it from an expert, that the music will take you to that very, very special place.