This Weekend in Omaha #12

Earth Day, Tech N9ne, Emo Nite, HOLI, and WINTER IS COMING…again!

Thursday -4/11/19

Friday – 4/12/19

Saturday – 4/13/19

Sunday – 4/14/19

**Weather Report**

“WINTER IS COMING…back. At least for a couple more days. Will be cold, high 40s, and windy this weekend but it will start to turn around by the end. Hang in there Omaha and get more info here

Omaha Famous

Local music, food, and people, you should know

Kitchen Table – Scratch-made local love

Want to go to a place that serves scratch-made delicious food? Want to eat fast and affordably? Want to support local farmers? You can do all three at Kitchen Table! Check out my piece here.

The massive gravitational influence of a black hole distorts space and time in the near neighborhood. The closer you get to a black hole, the slower time runs. Material that gets too close to a black hole gets sucked in and can never escape. That point of no return is called the, “event horizon”. Pretty badass huh? And oh by the way, the first ever photo of a black hole was captured this past week. See it here.


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