This Weekend in Omaha #33

Oktoberfest, Backstreet Boys, Tacoberfest, Brew Haha, Horror! Out of Darkness, Gallivant, Woofstock, and more! Drink it up!

Thursday – 9/5/19

Friday – 9/6/19

Saturday – 9/7/19

Sunday – 9/8/19

**Weather Report**

“Hey…It’s going to be kinda hot. Then get cooler as the weekend goes on, with relatively low humidity. Highs in the 80s, lows in the 60s, and mediums probably in the 70s. Personally, I can’t wait till those leaves turn and that cool Autumn breeze caresses my beard as I return to sipping hot coffee, with 2% milk and a touch of cinnamon spice…I digress. Here’s more info.”

Happy Hour of the Week

  • J. Gilbert’sMon – Fri 4pm – 630pm, Sun All Day (bar only) – Oysters on the half-shell $2, Lobster Claws $3.50, Appetizers starting at $7, and $7 Drink Specials

See the ever-growing list at our Happy hours page!

This Next Weekend in Omaha…

A short preview of what’s coming down the pipeline for those that like to plan ahead.

Omaha Famous

Local music, food, and people, you should know

GallivantRock n Rollmaha

Did you know Rock n Roll is alive and well in Omaha, Nebraska? Well it is folks. And leading the charge is this awesome band called GALLIVANT. I got the pleasure to see them live and capture some awesome footage of this high energy powerhouse – Check it out here!

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Fun fact: Though all official sources say it is coincidence, the Pink Floyd album The Dark Side of the Moon lines up perfectly with the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz. The rainbow on the album cover further pushes the idea that the two are connected. Conspirators refer to this pairing with names like “Dark Side of the Rainbow”, “The Wizard of Floyd” & “Dark Side of Oz”. Via Factinate

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