This Weekend in Omaha #29

Knotfest, Slash, Pokeworks, Back-to-school, Brunch, Kid’s Jail Downtown, and a Beanfest – It’s a great weekend in Omaha!

The new jail will be haunted by the soul of Ben Sasse and STILL cost $120 million – see more details here

Thursday – 8/8/19

Friday – 8/9/19

Saturday – 8/10/19

Sunday – 8/11/19

**Weather Report**

“Some thunderstorms today, but will be high 80s, and mostly sunny the whole weekend. I’d go outside if I weren’t working on this blog right now. More here. ”

Happy Hour of the Week

  • The Hoppy TacoEvery day from 4pm – 7pm – $1.50 Street tacos, $2 domestic bottles, $3 domestic wells, $4 Margs on the rocks

Check out the Happy hours page for more great specials!

This Next Weekend in Omaha…

A short preview of what’s coming down the pipeline for those that like to plan ahead!

Omaha Famous

Local music, food, and people, you should know

A Big Beautiful Kid’s Jail – Welcome to Downtown Omaha

Did you know there’s a big beautiful friggin’ kid’s jail going into downtown Omaha? Because when I look at downtown Omaha, I think, “Darn, there needs to be more jails down here.” Check out the local scoop here!

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Fun fact: Notorious “Goodfellas” gangster Henry Hill was sent to live in Omaha for the rest of his life as an “average schnook” after entering the witness protection program. via Movoto

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