This Weekend in Omaha #22

Dinosaurs, Carrie Underwood, A Journey Tribute, Polish Fest, Zydeco, Hillsong United, and more!

Ducks at the Heartland park – submitted by Mary

Thursday – 6/20/19

Friday – 6/21/19

Saturday – 6/22/19

Sunday – 6/23/19

**Weather Report**

“Some thunderstorms tonight probably but the rest of the weekend will be in the 80s and Sunny. Get after it! – More here. “

College World Series Breakdown

  • Game 10: Louisville (1-1) vs Mississippi State (1-1) @ 7pm Thursday
  • Game 11: Michigan (2-0) vs Texas Tech (2-1) @ 1pm Friday
  • Game 12: Vanderbilt (2-0) vs Winner of Game 10 @ 6pm Friday

When: June 15th 2019 – June 26th 2019

Where: TD Ameritrade Park

Not your thing? You can always check out the Happy hours page!

This Next Weekend in Omaha…

A short preview of what’s coming down the pipeline for those that like to plan ahead!

Omaha Famous

Local music, food, and people, you should know

Oasis Falafel – Falafel and Don’t Feel Awful

Feel like downtown can be a wasteland for delicious, fresh, and affordable lunch options? You just haven’t found Oasis yet. A relatively new spot that is serving up the best falafel and hummus around. Check out my piece here!

Fun fact: The original comic book Superman could leap tall buildings in a single bound. But then he had to come right back down to Earth—because he didn’t fly. It wasn’t until the 1940s, when animators for a new animated series decided it would be too difficult to routinely draw him bending his knees, that it was decided that Superman could take off into the air. Readers got to see smooth animation and a superhero gained a new power. (mindblowing – via Bestlife)

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