This Weekend in Omaha #36

Oktoberfest, Body Shots, Polish Harvest, Pumpkins, Rodeos, Masquerades, and Superheroes – this weekend has it all – Drink it up!

Scary, drunken, nights are on the horizon…

Thursday – 9/26/19

Friday – 9/27/19

Saturday – 9/28/19

Sunday – 9/29/19

**Weather Report**

“It’s going to be partly cloudy and personally, way too hot for Fall. Looking like high 80s low 90s for the weekend with clear skies. Too hot for Pumpkin Spice lattes and Yankee Candles. You can submit your complaints here.

My Top 5 – Bars

Drinking is fun and I like to do it as often as I can. Here are my top 5 bars in Omaha. Quality, selection, service, and the vibe. What do you think?

  1. Cunningham’s Pub and Grill
  2. Laka Lono
  3. The Tavern
  4. 1912
  5. Wicked Rabbit

Or you can check out our Happy hours page!

This Next Weekend in Omaha…

A short preview of what’s coming next week for those that like to plan ahead.

Omaha Famous

Local music, food, and people, you should know

UNDER CONSTRUCTION – See you next week

Your grandkids will enjoy this park so much

Much like the rest of Omaha these days, this section is under construction. But unlike the rest of Omaha, this construction will be completed. I am in the process of compartmentalizing each post of Omaha Famous so that the page isn’t one long stream of content with slow load times and all.

Also, know any artists in the local area? Send me your referrals. Musicians, painters, poets, filmmakers, comedians, I want to see Omaha’s best and brightest. If so contact me through this blog.

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Fun fact: Oktoberfest started in 1810 and at that time it took place during one week of October. Along the years, it was extended and the starting date was changed to September because the weather is warmer and more pleasing. Therefore, it’s easier to attract more visitors to stay even longer and enjoy the beer (and festival) throughout the night. Via

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