This Weekend in Omaha #37

Monster Jam, “Physic” John Edward, Aussie Pink Floyd, Pinups, Porchfest, Mean Girls, Gary Allan – it’s all happening this weekend!

Thursday – 10/3/19

Friday – 10/4/19

Saturday – 10/5/19

Sunday – 10/6/19

**Weather Report**

“High of 66 and a low of 42 over the next 4 days. Partly cloudy, good chance of precipitation on Friday and Saturday. Will be windy, cloudy, cold, and wet. Time to bust out those pumpkin spicy frappercinos and donate your worst jacket to the homeless shelter cuz it’s fall, folks, and it’s “a whole vibe”. If you didn’t enjoy this report, fuck it, you can get the real thing right here.”

Cringe-worthy User-Submitted Event of the Week…

New segment showcasing the events you all submit to me every week. Usually I don’t feature them because they are so cringey, like some niche pottery class in West O for retirees, but I am flipping that and just featuring the cringiest, most-awkward one you send me. Congrats to Collin Williams and go see his show at the Backline tonight, and please continue to send me your horrible, horrible events.

Thursday 10/3/19

at 8pmMy Suicide Note @ The Backline Comedy

This Next Weekend in Omaha…

A short preview of what’s coming next week for those that like to plan ahead.

Omaha Famous

Local music, food, and people, you should know

UNDER CONSTRUCTION – See you next week

Your grandkids will enjoy this park so much

Much like the rest of Omaha these days, this section is under construction. But unlike the rest of Omaha, this construction will be completed. I am in the process of compartmentalizing each post of Omaha Famous so that the page isn’t one long stream of content with slow load times and all.

Also, know any artists in the local area? Send me your referrals. Musicians, painters, poets, filmmakers, comedians, I want to see Omaha’s best and brightest. If so contact me through this blog.

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Fun fact: Nebraska’s US House Representative Don Bacon’s middle name is actually “Turkey”. Full name thus being, Don “Turkey” Bacon. Via The Internets.

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