This Weekend in Omaha #40

Pumpkin Tree Fest, Boo Bash, Wonka Halloween, Chance the Rapper, Bianca Del Rio, Hocus Pocus, Monsters and MORE! I’m scared for this weekend!

I put a spell on you, and now your MINE

Thursday – 10/24/19

Friday – 10/25/19

Saturday – 10/26/19

Sunday – 10/27/19

**Weather Report**

“Chilly today, with a high of 48. Warmer tomorrow, but still not that great. Winter is coming, with Ned Stark memes, thought the final season was good? Maybe in your dreams. More GoT trivia here.”

My Pick of the Week…

A fun, spooky Halloween concert always sounds like a good time to me. Coming up this weekend we have local rapper/producer B0des at the Brokedown palace with friends. It’s cool, experimental music, and you can support your local artists and have a good time. Check it out!

Sunday 10/27/19

at 8pmb0des and friends Halloween Show @ Brokedown Palace

This Next Weekend in Omaha…

A short preview of what’s coming next week for those that like to plan ahead.

Omaha Famous

Local music, food, and people, you should know

Mister ToadOld Market’s Tavern

Is there a more classic bar in all of Omaha? I can’t think of one. Mister Toads has been around for a minute and have earned their place on this week’s edition of Omaha Famous. (also including an extended rant on tipping).

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Spooky fact: Did you know that Omaha is home to several supposedly haunted locations? Check out a list of the most haunted places in Omaha here – They say O’Connor’s Pub was haunted, and now its closed down and the site of the Monster Club bar! That’s like, a sign, right? Maybe?

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