This Weekend in Omaha #47

Christmas Crawls, Free Tattoos, Santa Paws, Five Finger Death Punch, Brother Ali, Holiday Market, Drag Brunch – this weekend’s got it all!

Let’s beat the shit out of Xmas, Omaha…

Thursday – 12/12/19

Friday – 12/13/19

Saturday – 12/14/19

Sunday – 12/15/19

**Weather Report**

“It was unusually warm for a while, but that’s just not Omaha’s style. Now it’s really flippin’ cold, and it’s going to get colder. It’s already getting old, but we are all getting older. Put on a sweater and go out this weekend ya betch (if you want).”

Pick of the Week

If you parse through as many events as I do, you start to really fall in love (or go into a fit of rage) over the various images and advertisement of events. Some people don’t give a darn, and it shows, and then every once in a while a location throws an image like this at you for their event and you just have to go. I mean, how cool is this bad ass demon carrying these children? I love it, and you know this event will be fun because the people give a hoot and Blackstone is LIT.

Saturday 12/14/19

This Next Weekend in Omaha…

A short preview of what’s coming next week for those that like to plan ahead.

Omaha Famous

Local music, food, and people, you should know

Eppley Airfield – It’s Omaha’s Airport!

Wow, really running out of ideas for Omaha Famous. But here I am, sitting in the airport, and honestly, this airport ROCKS. We should all be proud of it, and that’s why it’s my featured piece this week.

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Fun fact: At Eppley, 33.6% of flights are flown by Southwest, the highest of any other carrier. Because Southwest is awesome. With Delta (20%), American (18%) and United (17.7%) following behind.

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