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This Weekend in Omaha #64

Thank the hack, middle-manager-types over moderating r/Omaha

It was a good run

PostOmaha comes to an end…


Ok folks, so if you know about this blog and it’s history you will know that it really all started over at Reddit, under the r/Omaha subreddit. That’s what jumped started the blog and that is where the majority of the noise comes from. I was really lucky to have that community as they supported this blog over the past year plus. The people over there rock. The moderators however, are not so cool. 

As we all know, you give any douchebag an ounce of power in this world, and they will produce a metric ton of bullshit that spoils all the fun. That’s kind of what happened. 

The moderators of r/Omaha created an all-encompassing rule regarding COVID19 related posts, where they remove them entirely and relegate any COVID content to a megathread, which is basically a chatroom of links and articles that people mostly ignore. They did this because some people were posting disinformation and misleading COVID discussion, and I totally respect and understand the need to stamp that stuff out.  However I think the better course of action would be to parse through, review, evaluate the posts coming in, and let’s see whats the word? …. Moderate, what is factual and what is not. What is a good source, and what is not ,etc. But that’s me.  So despite the popularity of my posts, my last 3 have been removed entirely and basically destroyed the viewership of this blog. And I have been banned from posting there. Bummer. 

I wanted to continue providing the blog to you all, in the absence of events, because I thought it was a good time to come together as a community and talk about things, and promote local biz and yea also give you the numbers broken down in one convenient location and curated for you (which is HARD to find and do yourself, as far as test rates, etc) – DIRECTLY from the DHHS . And of course share my political takes and what not and clown on Sasse. I felt that people were liking it? Was I wrong? Was I leading you astray? I don’t think so. 

Just no respect from the moderators of this reddit community. The hours I poured in, the costs, the heart and soul, the relative consistency. I’d like to think it was more comprehensive and differentiated than some random person complaining about social-distancing at Home Depot or some misinformation trolling. The moderators didn’t want to moderate, it’s easier to just blanket remove things I guess. So it goes… 

I want to thank all of you guys for your support over the last year and more. It was the joy of my week in what has been a very challenging year for me personally to put together the best events going on, make you laugh, and read the comments you would leave me. I had so much fun with it, and your support meant so much. I am saddened by all this but life goes on. 

I always enjoyed writing for you all and, I tried to get better and make it more entertaining each week. This blog was my first real public writing for an audience, and it was challenging but also very rewarding. I tried my best to make something first and foremost useful, and funny at the same time. I hope I succeeded more often than not.

Sometimes I love Omaha, but sometimes this place is a bummer. It can be stupid and lame and a BORE, and this is one of those times. When things open back up and the events start coming back, I am not going to do this again. I think this is all a sign to move somewhere else. Somewhere less lame. Somewhere less of a bore.

Anyway…PostOmaha is peacing out . It’s been a good run. Love you guys and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support over the past year.

I do plan to keep blogging in some capacity. I’d like to do a political commentary blog that’s national in scope. Something both sides of the aisle can have a curiosity for I hope… If you are interested in following that, join my app sign up page here and I can include you on that email list when its put out. PEACE.


PS – App update. “Hey what ever happened to your app?” Well my app is stuck in what we call development hell. I bit off more than I could chew from a feature standpoint and after exhausting my entire life savings into it (about 35k over a year) I am left with a shitty, buggy app that’s not even close to ready. It’s shelved for the foreseeable future. Thanks again for signing up , I suppose you could check to see if it ever takes off, I still think it’s a badass idea for an app if it can be made, and it’s still being worked on. Not giving up on it, just adjusting expectations.


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